In Touch, Pompidou, Paris, France, 2014

In touch: a multiple person hypnosis trance event 
with Marcos Lutyens
Alberta Pane Gallery in partnership with Le Centre Georges Pompidou - Hors Pistes
Curatorial coordinator: Chiara Ianeselli
When : May 9, 2014 Where: Place Georges Pompidou

‘In touch’ is a performance as part of the Centre Georges Pompidou Hors de Pistes series which takes place on May 9 3-6pm. The performance involves the psychological pull that magnetic suggestion has on participants. Filmed from above, it seems that the individuals who are in a deep hypnotic state are gradually drawn to certain metal elements in their surroundings and appear to behave somewhat like magnetotactic organisms that align to the cardinal directions.

Each participant is accompanied by a companion who holds a yellow umbrella above the trance subject. The time-lapse film from above shows how each trance participant moves across the esplanade.

This shift of consciousness may remind us that humans have the ability to sense space in terms of cardinal directions rather than egocentric coordinates. The Guugu Yimithirr speaking Australian aboriginal group is a good example of this type of orientating sense, in which the expression of left, right, front and back is substituted by east, west, north and south.